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The Integrated Vocational Training Public School “Corona de Aragón” is located in the University neighbourhood in Zaragoza, and it is one of the leading vocational institutions, both locally and nationwide. Its main building was founded on 16th October 1962. It has undergone several name changes throughout its history, such as Vocational Training Technical College Corona de Aragón in July 1985 or Secondary High School Corona de Aragón in 1993. From 2005 on, it has carried out the duties of an experimental Integrated Vocational Training Public School, until the Aragonese Assembly appointed it C.P.F.I.P CORONA DE ARAGÓN in November 2009.

The school teaches the training provisions associated to the National Catalogue of Vocational Qualifications, leading to Vocational Training Certificates and Certificates of Professional Experience. Vocational Training, both Initial and for Employment, are taught for workers, either employed or unemployed.

It provides its students with services for assessment, information and guidance regarding employment. The Head of this Department is an occupational mediation expert appointed by the Aragonese Institute of Employment.

The school collaborates in the processes for the Recognition of Acquired Competencies to evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired outside the formal education system through on-the-job or other forms of experience.

It empowers innovation in Vocational Training, tends to the educational aspects involving innovation and encourages applied investigation. It also invigorates cooperation with social agents and other organizations, as well as the business environment.

The school supports a Quality Management and Continuous Improvement System, instituting new systems.

It offers a modular and flexible provision, in order to cover the educational needs of the economic sectors, as well as the needs of employees for their promotion.

Integrated Vocational Training Public Schools have a Department of Training for every professional family taught in the premises. Besides, there are Strategic Departments that carry out the duties involving their respective scope of action:

  • Quality and Continuous Improvement.
  • Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge.
  • Information, Professional Guidance and Employment.
  • Recognition of Acquired Competencies.

It schools over 1300 students in its different provisions: Formal, Distance and for Employment. The Staff is formed by 80 teachers specialized in different fields and school hours are from 8.00 until 22.00.

There are five different professional families, forming a rather complete educational provision: Administration and Management,Building and Civil Work,Electricity and Electronics,Machine Manufacture and Chemistry.

The school participates in different Educational Innovation Projects, it even has an SME Incubator with three allotted enterprises where students can start and develop their business projects. It also has a Job Listing to facilitate the students’ access to the labour force.

It has been granted an Erasmus Letter for Higher Education. This allows the school to participate in European programmes such as Erasmus+, by means of which students and teachers may take a mobility scholarship to countries inside the EU. The school also participates in diverse Associations for Strategic Planning.

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